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"I believe that a project is only as good as the installation team. They are last component of the project that the customer sees. Therefore, they are a direct reflection of me and my company."

"I have had my share of poor installers but D&R Installation has never let me down in the past five years. They are always on time, always polite and respectful and always professional. They are able to resolve issues if any challenges come up and inform me of any punch issues before the walk through with the customer. They have been instrumental to helping me win projects and retain clients. I would highly recommend them to any furniture dealership who is looking for a high quality installation team."

Jackie Parker
Ivan Allen Workspace

I wanted to take the time to thank both you and Deon for all of your hard work moving our stuff. I was very impressed at the respect and care you took moving all the paintings. They were well secured in the truck and you took your time. Diane Graham was equally, if not more, impressed. We both remarked on how pleasant it was to talk with you and how well you did the job.

Since you do residential moving I have already sent your contact information to a friend who is moving in October or November, I believe. I will continue to refer you to others because of the quality of your work.

It's nice to be able to thank you for being so conscientious - it's a pleasure. Keep up the good work!

Mary Lou McClain

I am a Facilities Manager at The University of Georgia’s Center for Continuing Education. In January, 2015 we began a renovation project with D&R Installation, Inc. The project included replacement of our hotel room furnishings in over 160 rooms. To help quantify the scope, the furniture arrived in three, fifty-three foot long shipping containers, packed full. In addition to installation of this immense quantity of furnishings, D&R was also responsible for removal of an equivalent amount of existing furniture and breaking down/hauling off all of the packaging, all while maneuvering in an occupied facility.

Rick and Deon are a phenomenal team with an equally great crew. Every phase was well planned and organized, down to the last detail. They implemented creative strategies for ensuring each room was properly and consistently set. D&R is by far the most professional team I have had the pleasure of working with. They went above and beyond to ensure we were happy.

I n closing, D&R Installation, Inc. demonstrated outstanding performance and I would highly recommend them.

Emily Newdow
Facilities Manager
The University of Georgia
The Georgia Center for Continuing Education Hotel and Conference Center

Thank you for a great job. Your team is very professional and easy to work with. We appreciate you working with us during our problem. It took longer than we wanted but the office is back and looks great.

We will refer your company to anyone that needs your kind of services.

National Discount Textile
B & T International
Murray-Weyand Sales Inc.

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